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A cup of coffee is beautiful in its simplicity. However the process from seed to cup is far from simple. It's an unbelievable result stemming from growing, farming, processing & sorting the fruit. Every step of the process will influence the end taste. By respecting the overall process and how the green coffee made it into our hands, we make it our responsibility to explore each varietal by diving deeper and deeper into the intricacies of the roasting process. It is only when the coffee is skillfully roasted, that it has a chance to be prepared at the highest level, crafting a great cup. To us a cup of black coffee is colorful and complex in its own way. At the WestBean we let our craft speak for itself.


12oz Ethiopia Baraka Buna

ethiopia baraka buna.jpg
ethiopia baraka buna.jpg

12oz Ethiopia Baraka Buna

from 24.00

Process: Wet

Altitude: 1800-2100 masl

Varietal: Heirloom

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Baraka Buna means first coffee in the Amharic language, and it seems a perfect fit for this early arrival of Yirga Cheffe. It comes from the Kochore area, the mill being located not far outside the town of Chele'lektu. Kochore has produced some of our favorite Yirga Cheffe coffees in the past, with a highly aromatic cup and intense, lively brightness.